Not easy

Not easy It is difficult for it to glance in the future and to understand and accept irreversibility of divorce.

Not easy to present to small children that will be next week, not to mention the next month or year.

The child can become puzzled and not understand that served as the reason of divorce and what will be its new relations with parents.

He can feel as if torn apart in two by parents, to be that angered and impudent, asking and begging, without knowing for certain who after all is guilty if is guilty in general.

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He always

He always Alyosh very good and obedient boy, it we sokvst not the coward.

He always helps small, does not offend weak and intercedes for the friends.

But at night to it the angry wizard arrives and turns all things standing in his room into terrible and dangerous subjects.

One night Alyosha, as always, long did not release mother, cried and did not allow to turn off the light.

Mother poglakdit it on a head and included a small nochnichok over the Alyoshiny bed.

As soon as mother left the room, usual transformations began.

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It is one of the reasons

It is one of the reasons It is one of the reasons why we ask you to remain polite and not intense, so that the child knew: after its consent to make that demand from it, you not will celebrate a victory, to triumph over it.

Instead it is necessary to give to understand to the child as far as it is pleasant to you when about your desire show care: Child: I know, I know, I know; you want that the kitchen was cleaned!

Is going to be engaged in it.

: Really it is pleasant to me when you do it.


and I very much would like to receive money for this phone bill.

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Stories can also

Stories can also The physicians dealing with problems of behavior certainly will estimate stories as an effective method of application of a technique of social modeling.

Stories can also offer you fascinating methods of training in behavioural models, such, for example, as a desensitization about what it is told in chapter Teachers used stories in school situations.

As well as in a case with the certain child, they allowed a class to discuss difficult and ticklish subjects in the safe way.

Physicians used stories and as means for establishment of contact with children.

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I think

I think And your child.

Examples of unfinished offers: If the friend entrusted me secret, I have to.

Those who studies better me, I.

For the amicable company the main thing.

Most of all I respect those people, which.

If friends are not right, I.

When my friends leave without me, I.

I willingly obey, when.

When I am not present, my friends.

I think that my friend very much.

If on the street order me, I.

I am afraid of children, which.

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